Music mogul Master P wants you to put some respect on the rap game. The No Limit Records founder recently discussed his take on hip-hop compared to other genres.

In Percy Miller’s perspective, hip-hop artists aren’t held in as high regard as other genres’ superstars.

“Look at how young Tupac died. Who really told Tupac how great he was back then? You imagine if Tupac was still around right now people would be like, ‘Oh man, he’s a has-been.’ Let’s be honest. We don’t take rap serious the way other cultures take rock-n-roll, they take country. They artists are being loved. People still love Willie Nelson no matter what he been through. They are praising him like he’s the greatest. We wait until our people are gone to say how great they are.” (EBONY)

P also discussed how record sales helped Southern rappers earn respect.

“By [No Limit] being able to sell 75 million records, they can’t do nothing but give us respect, and we did it independently. So they got to respect Southern culture when it comes to hip-hop. I’m not the very first. Luke Skywalker came before me. Lil J with Rap-a-Lot came before me, but I was able to do something else financially to change the game to where people have to respect that, knowing that we’re not just artists anymore. We are actually making money from this.” (EBONY)

Earlier this month, MP revealed which hip-hop artists are currently on his radar.

“My favorite song right now? I’m spinning a lot of the Drake, I’m spinning a lot of the new Gucci Mane, Chance The Rapper… it’s so many great projects out right now. I’m a fan of the new generation of music because I feel like everybody got their verse and their time. Maybe people didn’t understand us in our time and we was able to make history and sell 75 million records but this generation, man, I feel like they’re creative, they’re finding ways to make money off of social media, so I’m a fan of a lot of what I’m hearing. You turn the radio on and there’s so many good songs. I don’t wanna just name one record that I’m a fan of… there’s a lot of great songs, especially I can’t forget Kendrick Lamar, man. I’m a big fan of Kendrick Lamar. And also Lil Wayne too. Lil Wayne is about to get a second life at music. All you gotta do is keep working hard.” (Complex)

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Recently, fellow hip-hop veteran Nas credited artists like Drake and J. Cole for fueling the rap game.

“[Hip-hop’s] in a better place because it gave birth to Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake and a few other great, great artists. All three [remind me of them]. Yeah, yeah, definitely [they reach out to me] which is crazy because they inspire me. So Drake said something on his first album about me, in the linear notes, and J. Cole made an interesting song about me and Kendrick has said some really positive words. He gave me a shout-out when he won his Grammy. So they inspire me.” (“Any Given Wednesday”)