Music mogul Master P isn’t here for BET. The hip-hop veteran has slammed the popular network for scrambling to do a last-minute tribute in honor of late Mobb Deep co-founder Prodigy.

Last night, Percy Miller went to Instagram and bashed BET for not celebrating Prodigy before he died.

The Truth Hurts…BET Would Have Never Changed Their Show For Prodigy If He Was Still Alive!! It was a great thing acknowledging and celebrating the life of Prodigy and all of his accomplishments. But It’s a shame that none of these artists are told how great they are while they’re alive. Why can’t they get their flowers and tokens of appreciation while they’re still living? I know the truth hurts. I just have one serious question… Was Prodigy or Mobb Deep on BET’s radar last week… were they invited to the red carpet event, offered guest passes or an invite to perform at the awards show in the last 10 years? I’m willing to bet the answer is NO. I came to support my daughter today on the BET Experience stage but I decided that my family and I will not participate in the red carpet or awards events this year. I love my people and I support them but we really need to do better by each other. We lost a very talented brother, Prodigy. I send my condolences to his family. Hopefully, one day we can start appreciating the talented sisters and brothers while they are still alive. I know that what I am saying may ruffle a few feathers but the truth needed to be heard.

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A few days ago, buzz developed about the network trying to scramble for a last-minute BET Awards Prodigy tribute.

Sources involved with the production tell us Kim and Havoc were late adds to the show as presenters. They will also share some personal words, paying respects to the Mobb Deep rapper. We’re told BET Awards execs scrambled to put together a tribute performance after Prodigy’s death Tuesday, but it was too late. Artists had already signed contracts to perform at the awards, and BET didn’t want to burn bridges by changing their sets, which have been planned for weeks. (TMZ)

Last week, Prodigy affiliate Cormega remembered Prodigy’s legacy across social media.

Last week, Mobb Deep’s Havoc shared some deep words about losing his childhood friend.

“We’re used to P going to the hospital, not like everyday but we’ve been dealing with this for over 20 years. He goes to the hospital, stays in there for three days, five tops, and he gets back better then he’s out. So it wasn’t nothing like, ‘Oh my God, he’s crazy sick.’ It’s just sometimes he has sickle cell crisis’. I got home, I was checking up on him and making sure like, ‘How’s P doing? He’s good?’ We hear, ‘Yeah he’s in pain but he’s doing better’ – and then, yesterday, the day of my little son’s graduation, uh, somebody called me saying that somebody told them that they had heard a weird rumor – this is at 11 o’clock in the morning – that P passed away in a Las Vegas hospital. I know he’s in the hospital but come on, I know he’s not dead – rumors like that always get around, some dumb sh*t, so whatever. I was really laughing to be honest with you because I hadn’t directly spoken to P but I knew his status every day that I had left. Then I was like, ‘Let me call our road manager – just to ease my brain even though I know it was a lie.’ … The road manager was just crying like I had never heard before and I just had to hang up the phone. And all this time I’m driving my with my little five-year-old son that just graduated from kindergarten on our way to go eat somewhere – I’m on a highway, I can’t pull over, I can’t do nothing. I could have crashed – I’m still just f*cked up. I can’t even listen to ‘Shook Ones’ or any songs. I can hardly look at the pictures.” (TMZ)