No Limit Records founder Master P might have some trouble when he hits the voting ballot next month. Percy Miller has revealed his stance toward the presidential election.

In P’s opinion, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton might have a slight edge over opponent Donald Trump.

“I’m tryna figure out if I want a woman president or Donald Trump,” he says. “I’m tryna figure out where we gon’ be at in 2017.” He continued to think aloud. “The thing about it is that we just had an African-American president. … Who’s gonna be running the country? Is it gon’ be Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton? And can she run the country and not be ran by her feelings?” As for the candidate on the Republican ticket, Donald Trump, Master P adds, “I don’t even have the words for it.” (Billboard)

Recently, R&B veteran Ne-Yo said he planned to move out of the country if Trump wins the presidency.

“I already told you what I’m going to do – I’m moving to Canada straight away. Me and Drake gonna be neighbors if Donald Trump becomes president – the unfortunate thing about this planet is that we are in no shortage of ignorance at all. The fact that anybody supports him at all is ridiculous to me. Yeah [he lost the presidential debate].” (TMZ)

Over the past few days, rap veteran Snoop Dogg has trolled Donald.

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F. D. T. Ubitchu🔫💥🔫✊🏾

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F. D. T. 💥💥🔫

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This week, rapper Meek Mill showed off his disgust with Trump.


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