Music mogul Master P has a few things he wants to get off his chest. The hip-hop veteran has singled out some unnamed individuals for pouring out love for murdered rapper XXXTentacion after his death.

P went to Instagram this week and unleashed his frustrations on people not showing XXX enough love prior to his slaying.

“I know the truth hurt but I’ma tell y’all the sh*t anyway. Talking about the youngster X from Florida who got killed. 20 years old, man. He had a lot of fans. Created a big fan base in the industry. But some people didn’t like him. All of a sudden when he pass, you hear all these top industry people talking about how he inspired them. I mean, why y’all didn’t do no records with him? Why y’all didn’t tell this to the man while he was alive? That’s what I mean by phony. My condolences go out to his family. I mean, if you’re going to wait until the man die, you shouldn’t have said nothing because it’s phony. To be honest with you.”

As of Thursday night, Florida cops had three arrest warrants issued for suspects connected to his murder.

Cops believe 3 people were involved in the murder of XXXTentacion … because TMZ has learned there are THREE arrest warrants issued in the case. As we reported, Dedrick D. Williams was arrested Wednesday night in South Florida for first-degree murder of the 20-year-old rapper. A court clerk tells TMZ, there are 2 other arrest warrants that have been signed by a judge. As far as we know, the 2 suspects have not been taken into custody … yet. (TMZ)

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During a Wednesday night vigil, XXX’s mom announced cops had arrested her son’s shooter.

Yesterday, Florida native Rick Ross paid some serious homage to the fallen rapper.

“I’m tired as f*ck but I want to send a big rest in peace to the homie XXXTentacion. The homie was from Broward County, Dade County Florida. Senseless my n*gga. Young n*gga with a gift. I say rest in peace. We all got flaws. I said rest in peace to my homies on death row, n*gga. I got homies that have been accused of doing a hundred murders that I love. We all got flaws. It’s your intentions. We all sinners, homie. I ain’t here to judge nobody. I know the little homie, he was a talent. That’s all I know. I don’t know nothing else. All I care about is a n*gga life.”

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