Ready for one more summer blockbuster? Need a little action in your life? Want to see a certified thrill ride starring Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go check out the action-packed Mile 22 when it hits theaters Friday, August 17! [Check out each reason and grab your free pre-release movie passes in select cities!]

Reason 1: Action-Packed

The first reason you should go see Mile 22 when it arrives in theaters this Friday is because it’s a certified action-packed thrill ride. If you’re about that Call of Duty life or just get a kick out of watching explosively awesome military movies, this is your go-to to round out the summer. Mark Wahlberg plays James Silva – an operative working with the CIA – on a top-secret mission. Needless to say, things go haywire and this is the type of movie where the main character has to blast away to freedom and justice.

[Who doesn’t love a little star power in the form of Mark Wahlberg…]

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