I don’t know about you, but Kanye West made me proud last night.

Eleven eye-blinks after his freestyled speech, Kanye West would spit seven words that will go down in television history.

“George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”
– Kanye West

Anyone could have called out George Bush. However, Kanye made me proud because of HOW he called out Bush. He choose the right words at the right time. Kanye could have easily said, “Fuck George Bush” but he would have come off as an asshole. He could have also plugged his album, “Late Registration in stores now.” But Kanye shared his 15 minutes of fame with all of us who have been watching the television with tears in our eyes.

Thanks Kanye

And on that note, I want to make a comment to some of my readers.

You have your opinion, and I have mine, but those of you who think that race and class has nothing to do with the efforts to help the people in New Orleans are the dumbest niggas I have ever met and I’m asking that you bounce. Seriously. Can your brain not see how the media focused on the rapes and ‘the looting’ and in turn it made the relief workers – who are paid to relieve people – not want to enter New Orleans? Anyway, bounce.

Oh yea, shout out to BET. While all this shit is going on, you still providing us with plenty of videos.