There is diamond in the dirt out in Connecticut right now that someone really NEEDS to discover, and his name: Man-u-iLL. Like most of you I don’t take much interest in new, Up and Coming, Independent Artists these days because, let’s be honest, most just suck and sound the same, from concepts to flows… but once in awhile if you’re lucky enough you to pay it any mind, you could stumble onto something really special.

Man-u-ill says, “When I say special, lets be clear… I’m talking lyrical clarity, thought provoking subject matter, strong delivery, and dope visuals to match.” Love Me is the single off his 2nd EP of 2016  “In The Meantime” which is just as dope but much different from his 1st Bandana Manny which was released back in January.  This is GREAT music that deserves to be heard.

ENJOY. Follow on social @ManuiLL