Ma$e’s Wife Banished From Church, Arrest Mug Shot Surfaces

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A new twist in the breakup between Ma$e and his estranged wife has surfaced courtesy of an unexpected DUI arrest mug shot photo. #ShowYourMug

According to reports, Twyla Betha has been banished from her one-time rap star husband’s church.

Mase is now blocking Twyla Betha from spreading the gospel on their pulpit … all because she was busted for DUI and pled guilty last month. She blew a .14 … nearly twice the legal limit. Mase apparently thinks drunk driving is blasphemy … so he told Twyla to get flocked. And, we’re told the church elders and parishioners think Twyla is a hypocrite because she preached that drunkenness is a sin … which she committed, so they’re down with the ban. Mase filed for divorce in January … we’re told the drunk driving incident was the last straw for him. (TMZ)

According to Twyla Betha’s biography, she is described as a loyal wife.

Twyla Betha is a devoted wife, mother, teacher, pastor and extraordinary life coach whose positive message of love helps countless men and women succeed on their journey to self-discovery. It was during this time that she began to attend S.A.N.E. Church International (now El Elyon International Church) where Pastor Mason Betha taught the message of Jesus Christ with such clarity and understanding. (El Elyon Now)

Outside of the drama, Mason recently managed to snag singer Eric Bellinger for an unexpected track.

It’s really no surprise that Ma$e’s first single in years is lady-friendly. Recruiting singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger for the hook, the Harlem rapper drops a tribute to the independent women with “Nothing.” Produced by Nic Nac, the song is Mason Betha’s latest drop as he gears up for the release of his fourth album, Now We Even. File it under “summer soundtrack.” (VIBE)

In October, Ma$e resorted to his Instagram page to break the news of a follow-up project to 2004’s Welcome Back LP.

“No abbreviations use #NOWWEEVEN that’s the only conversation I’m having. y€$ #NOWWEEVEN is the album title… Lets make it happen!!! Right now I’m listening to all my early freestyles & songs… This got to be something special. A couple free shows & visits #NOWWEEVEN. I’m listening also to Life after Death, All Eyes On Me and Reasonable Doubt… Just so u know what I’m thinking. #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy should be on MY album unless he gets saved and leave music… LM_ _ O #NOWWEEVEN. TO ME @Mr_Camron IS HOMETEAM. SO “NO” we don’t have any beefs. I can only comment on what is factually correct! #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy I forgot I was the first SeanJohn super model… we should definitely be even!!! #NOWWEEVEN.” (Mase’s Instagram)


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Written by S. Samuel

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