New York rapper Ma$e recently updated fans on his status with Dipset, specifically group members Jim Jones and Cam’ron after a following out years ago.

Despite his hiatus from the music spotlight, Mason Betha said fans could expect some Diplomatic tunes in the future.

“I did speak to Jim, we supposed to be working together, that’s really dope,” Ma$e said in an interview. “And me and Cam going to work together at some point. It’s all love.” (Bijou Star TV)

When asked about the hip-hop veteran, Killa Cam admitted they had not spoke in close to five years last October.

Before Cam founded the celebrated crew Dipset, he was best known as a member of the Harlem group Children of the Corn alongside Ma$e and a few other rap friends (R.I.P. Big L). Cam says they came up as brothers, but their friendship now isn’t what it used to be. “I haven’t spoken to Ma$e in about three or four years,” he says. “Ma$e just be up and down. Ma$e, he’ll do the church thing and then he’ll go on his Instagram and he’ll be like, ‘F it.'” (Complex)

In 2012, Cam took a shot at Mason Betha on Jim Jones’ “60 Rackz” remix over 2010’s passing of late Harlem, New York affiliate Huddy 6.

Feels like that storied run from 2004-2006 where we’d have these three artists regularly collaborating. Funkmaster Flex debuts to remix to Jim Jones’ “60 Rackz” with help from Killa Cam and Weezy F. Baby. The original can be found on Capo’s Vampire Life 2 mixtape, out now. While it’s turned into an all out week of Weezy on the internets, Cam’s not messing around on his verse as he has some words for Ma$e. “I be me, you be you, apologies to Groovy Lou. Sorry bruh I ain’t f*cking with Ma$e, yeah yeah tell him you be cool. Me I rep that Hud 6, I ain’t even going to play with him. Harlem underworld for real, you can fool Wale and them. The mack, well, that’s black on black. True facts, I’m crack on tracks. Play around, I’ll lay you down, 60 racks on your cap ni**a….” (Miss Info TV)

Back in October 2010, Killa also name-checked Ma$e on a Huddy 6 tribute track.

“This the 30-year story, doggy, of two swingers that took the 6 train to Canal to get two-fingers and rope chains, at 13 poppin’ bubb, the youngest youngest ever to be in the Cotton Club…not even gonna start to lie, my body cold, no heart in side. Damn, my other part done died. ya’ll should run when I start to cry…145 and St. Nick, I’m there for Blood wake, 13 years later back here for Hud wake, can’t lie my mind is in a bugged state, feel like Radio Raheem, love hate….Where is Betha at, I’m like f–k Mase…When Hud’s car crashed,damn I’m like not again. He invented words like ‘curve’ and ‘poppington.’ What up Tintin aka 6man, you know your family can lean on me like a kickstand.” (Miss Info TV)

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