Former Bad Boy Records rapper Ma$e recently stepped forward and shared some thoughts on Roc Nation protégé J. Cole, specifically why he nearly took a swing at him.

According to Mason, he took personal offense to allegedly being referenced in a Cole record.

“I like J. Cole too when he’s not taking shots at me,” Mason revealed. “I saw him one day, I was gonna hit him but I was too grown to be knocking light skin people out. But I really like him as an artist. When I saw him I was like, ‘Oh he a kid, he don’t get it [laughs] … In our generation you said something on a record, we see you it’s action. But when I saw him I was thinking, ‘Oh, he’s just a kid… he don’t get it.” (Bijou Star TV)

Last summer, Cole said he never had any plans to go at music rival Diggy Simmons despite the teenage rapper firing a few diss records at his head.

“Why would I respond to that,” Cole questioned when asked why he fell back from dissing Diggy. “Nah, Diggy’s like, I respect Diggy for even doing that. Two diss songs in the can, I got a lot of respect for Diggy, he’s got heart. … Nah, it’s not on site. It was really kind of embarassing. … How we start the interview off with Diggy Simmons? … I’m glad I’m still here.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Back in October 2012, Diggy said he had no idea Cole planned to dismantle their recent peace calling.

On the red carpet at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards, Diggy casually explained his side of the story. “As far as I go with it, I put out what I put out because of things that I was hearing him say,” he told MTV News. “And when I saw him after I put out the dis track he was like, ‘Yo, you know it’s all good. It’s love. We’re family,’ and then he came back [again]. I was shocked because my guard was down and we were cool,” Diggy added, explaining his reaction when Cole’s freestyle made the Internet rounds. “But then I was like cool, Cole really came back, and then I came back. There’s nothing more to it than that.” (MTV)

Simmons also placed the blame fully on Cole for forcing him to lash back.

“It’s wasn’t me, man. He came first,” Diggy said in an interview. “He came back. He saw me. … I saw him, we made [up], exactly, and then he came back. He kind of confused me, so, you know, when somebody comes at you. … [I won’t call him a b*tch], I don’t get into all that, man. I don’t get into the negativity. It’s all good.” (This Is 50)

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