New York rapper Ma$e never pulled the trigger on a Diddy diss song despite his past issues with the Bad Boy Records boss. The hip-hop veteran recently talked about giving Puff Daddy a beef record pass.

In a new interview, Mason Betha said he could never go at Diddy because of what he did to get him out of the hood.

“I think if me and Puff can come to terms, me and anybody else can come to terms. A lot of times, I used to be mad at Puff but then I realized like if I didn’t do music, what was I going to do? I was going to work at UPS or have this good paying job as a dental assistant – what was I going to do? I could be mad at he gave me 50 percent of this or that but realistically it helped me move my mother out the hood, it helped me move my family out the hood. It did some wonderful things for me. Sometimes you better believe I thought of dissing Puff. As a man, you’ve got to respect people who turned the lights on for you. Don’t ever forget that. That’s one of the rules of power.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

This week, New York rapper Fabolous gave his take on Ma$e dropping his “The Oracle” diss song at Dipset’s Cam’ron.

“I thought he had some bars. I think his delivery was a tiny bit rusty but that might have been because, I don’t know the last time Ma$e put out records. But the bars was there. I actually spoke to Ma$e the day he put that out. I actually was surprised I was getting a call from him. And I got a call from Cam’ron that day. It was a weird day for me. [Ma$e] called me because I was having my birthday party – he said, ‘I had to spank him,’ and I was like, ‘Who this?’ [laughs] And he was like, ‘It’s Murda.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, what’s up Ma$e?’ And then we just started talking. He was talking about that and Cam had been taking shots at him for years and he had been shooing them way. And then later on that night, I spoke to Cam. He said he was going to play [his diss song] at the party. Neither of them ended up coming.” (“The Breakfast Club”)


Jadakiss also shared his take on Mason Betha’s “The Oracle” and said his former Bad Boy Records labelmate still had talent.

“You can’t put G. Dep before Murda,” Jada said about Ma$e’s lyrical ability. “Once you clear everything off, Ma$e could give you some [bars]. … ["The Oracle” record?] I thought it was good for hip-hop on the aspect of what it was. … Ma$e is still nice. If you peel everything off, he’s gonna give you something. He’s going to give you your money’s worth.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last week, Cam’ron talked about having Ma$e blast him with the unexpected “The Oracle” diss song.

“It was out the blue, but I’m proud of him, he finally showed some guts after like 15 years. It took him 15 years, but I was really proud of him when I heard that,” Cam said in an interview. “The thing with me, I don’t really make up stuff when I’m talking about Mase. I just tell him what’s going on. I put a project out called The Program two weeks ago, and I told a story about something that happened in Harlem. So basically he was probably upset that I told the story, but I’m not going to stop telling any story, because it’s Mase or anybody else. My raps are not that much fiction, I rap about stuff that’s going on, so therefore I just told a story, came out the blue. But I’m proud of him, he showed some heart.” (Complex)