Former Bad Boy Records star Ma$e is keeping his Twitter and Instagram pages alive after announcing plans to release a new album last week by now offering some advice to fans.

After frequent absences from the social networking sites, Mason Betha is showing he’s going to remain active on Twitter this week.

“I don’t care to answer people who have no idea of what’s going?,” Ma$e tweeted October 22.

“The laziest way 2 get famous is talk about others who R! What happened 2 being a trailblazer, innovators & daring 2 be different? #NOWWEEVEN”

“U just can’t do real things w/ fake ppl #why #nomore #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong ????????????#NOWWEEVEN (Ma$e’s Twitter)

A few days ago, Betha jumped onto his Instagram page to break the news of a follow-up project to 2004’s Welcome Back LP.

“No abbreviations use #NOWWEEVEN that’s the only conversation I’m having. y€$ #NOWWEEVEN is the album title… Lets make it happen!!! Right now I’m listening to all my early freestyles & songs… This got to be something special. A couple free shows & visits #NOWWEEVEN. I’m listening also to Life after Death, All Eyes On Me and Reasonable Doubt… Just so u know what I’m thinking. #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy should be on MY album unless he gets saved and leave music… LM_ _ O #NOWWEEVEN. TO ME @Mr_Camron IS HOMETEAM. SO “NO” we don’t have any beefs. I can only comment on what is factually correct! #NOWWEEVEN. @iamdiddy I forgot I was the first SeanJohn super model… we should definitely be even!!! #NOWWEEVEN.” (Mase’s Instagram)

Ma$e also gave fans an idea of who all he would like to be involved with the album.


“@jimjones DM me I’m getting on The Ghost of RP… #NOWWEEVEN. This is what my ideal album would look like: @MsLaurynHill @2Chainz (@S_C_ or @Drake) @Seal @CeeLoGreen @iamdiddy @meekmill (#1 @Beyonce or #2 destiny child) @ArianaGrande & dipset @myfabolouslife y€$ #NOWWEEVEN is the album title… Lets make it happen!!! When its personal the money doesn’t even matter. ONE THING I WONT DO AND THAT APOLOGIZE FOR GOING AFTER MY FULLEST POTENTIAL… #NOWWEEVEN” (Mase’s Instagram)

A few weeks ago, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz talked about snagging Ma$e for his latest solo effort.

“Murda Ma$e,” Chainz said referencing Ma$e’s appearance on the album. “I just think it’s truthful Ma$e. I ain’t heard him do this before so I gotta keep this. This was like a diary Ma$e. Like, he just let us read a page out of his diary, on this particular song. It’s called ‘Beautiful Pain,’ produced by C-Note, it’s kind of a feel-good record, it’s not ratchet as people would think most of my records are. … Me and Ma$e do have a record on the album, I’m definitely excited about people hearing that record.” (Power 106 FM)

Last month, Young Money’s Drake expressed an interest in inking the former Bad Boy to his OVO team.

“Funny enough, me and Ma$e have just been talking about what the future holds, about what he wants to do and anything is possible man. I told Ma$e, ‘You’re Ma$e, at the end of the day so I don’t think you should end up on anybody else’s label. … I would love to be involved. I know Kanye took an interest in Ma$e as well, because Ma$e is like the original fly guy that made it all look extremely fun, dancing. … There’s a lot of rappers who get out there and take themselves super serious and it’s not fun like that. They don’t laugh. Those guys got out there and proved why there are who they are. Two kings doing what they were born to do. I’d love to work with Ma$e to be honest. I told him, ‘man I hope tonight’s not our last conversation.’ It’s been cool, we kicked it and just went out and and got something to eat.” (RapFix)

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