Washington rapper Macklemore has announced plans to release a new album next month called This Unruly Mess I’ve Made on social media.

Mack broke the news about his follow-up to 2013’s The Heist on Instagram and personal website Friday (January 15).

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Last summer, Mack revealed his fiancée’s pregnancy inspired him to quit drugs.

“I was struggling with addiction, I was caught up again. I was not at my best when I found out Tricia was pregnant. Again, I’m not proud of it. She was late like a day, or two, and said, ‘I want to get a pregnancy test.’ I got down on my knees and I prayed, ‘God, I’m not ready for this right now. I’m not ready to be a father, I can’t even get sober.’ … It was a wake up call that I desperately needed. Like, you’re about to be a dad, dude. Stop doing drugs and lying to people and sneaking around. Do you want to live life or do you want to escape life? That was one of those pivotal turning points. It was a push but it wasn’t the thing that got me sober, I had to put in the work again to get to that place.” (MTV News)

Mack and fiancée Tricia Davis quietly welcomed in their new baby earlier this year.

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Mack and Davis teased fans about their bundle of joy in early 2015.