West Coast rapper Mack 10 has reportedly been served with a lawsuit that claims he stiffed a studio owner for nearly 30 hours of unpaid recording time.

Details of the lawsuit hit the Internet Monday (March 28).

Rapper Mack 10’s return to a recording studio is getting a lot of attention — from the guy who is suing him for unpaid studio time! Rodger Carter — who operates The Doghouse Studio — claims Mack 10 stiffed him for almost 30 hours of studio time, at $75/hour, for a total of $2,165. Mack 10 hasn’t had a top 10 rap hit since the 1990s — so if Carter wins … he better hope Mack 10’s latest session yielded a track worth 2K. (TMZ)

Additional reports suggest the suit was filed over a month ago.

Rapper Mack 10 is in trouble again after he was sued for unpaid studio time. The hip-hop star – real name Dedrick Rolison – returned to the studio for the first time since his 2009 album Soft White to work on a new record set to be released later this year. The suit was filed at a small claims court in Malibu, California last month. Rolison was sued last year over allegations he failed to pay a leading hip-hop producer $60,000 in royalties for his work on Soft White. (Contact Music)

Aside from legal woes, Mack opened up about his estranged relationship with Ice Cube last year.

“Basically, I didn’t do anything to him and he didn’t do anything to me,” Mack said in an interview. “We had an argument and I guess it was taken the wrong way because his wife was present. If she wasn’t there, we would probably still be doing records. His brother-in-law was disrespectful in a certain way. I don’t know what kind of dude he is now, but back then he was disrespectful. It was brought to Cube about 3 or 4 times before the bullsh*t happened. If I bring something to you 3 or 4 times and you don’t do anything about it – I mean just because a kid is your kid doesn’t mean he has the right to go spitting about anybody. The argument and the brother-in-law wasn’t worth throwing away The Westside Connection over in my opinion. When I heard the ‘kiss the ring’ comment I just had to laugh because that’s comedy. That’s where I’m at with it. I don’t know what he’s tripping off of.” (All Hip Hop)

Over the weekend, Mack paid homage to late rapper Nate Dogg by attending his funeral in Los Angeles.

On a dark and damp Saturday morning (March 26), thousands of family, friends and fans turned out for one last show from their hero, rap legend Nate Dogg, who was laid to rest in his hometown of Long Beach. Inside the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, lights shined down on the wooden coffin adorned with red and white flowers. Two jumbo screens on opposite sides of his casket flashed six different photos of the singer from a childhood boy, when he was known to family as “Buddy,” to the platinum singer known to the world as Nate Dogg. West Coast rap artists including Dr. Dre, Game, DJ Quik, Mack-10 and WC, DJ Pooh, Battlecat and others were on hand to pay their respects to the singer with platinum vocal chords. (MTV)

Check out Mack 10’s “So Sharp” down below: