Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Born With Horns’ Album Reveal Has YG + Ruby Rose Co-Signing

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly knows he's doing something right. The hip-hop star's new born with horns album announcement has immediately sparked a ton of co-signs.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s New Album Is Coming

MGK hit up his social media pages to get followers super pumped. The footage features him and longtime friend/collaborator Travis Barker showing off matching tats revealing the project’s name.

““born with horns” the album. we’re back for round two…”

In addition to snagging over 2.2 million views, the album announcement ignited a flurry of support. West Coast rapper YG and Hollywood actress Ruby Rose sure to slide into Kelly’s comments section to pump up the project.

“🔥🔥🔥🔥” -YG

“Let’s f*ckin goooo” -Travis Barker

“Sh*t yeah!” -Ruby Rose

Machine Gun Kelly + Megan Fox Get Fined

Kelly might have some great content to share on the new album courtesy of a recent law enforcement run-in. A few months ago, MGK and his ride or die girlfriend Megan Fox gave pedestrians a free show on the street they couldn’t resist. The famous couple attracted stares in California after they were pulled over while on a motorcycle.

MGK and Fox were pulled over by LAPD officers while on a motorcycle ride in Sherman Oaks. Reportedly, they were stopped because Kelly wasn’t wearing a helmet, while Megan was. While they were waiting on the side of the road, the pair suddenly thought it was a good idea to start making out.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox might be a ride or die couple on a typical day, but in this case they’re more like … ride and get fined. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … MGK was driving his motorcycle Tuesday afternoon in Sherman Oaks, CA with Megan on the back seat when an LAPD officer pulled ’em over. (TMZ)

Machine Gun Kelly Is Launching A Nail Polish Line

In April 2021, buzz developed about MGK launching a nail polish line. A press release by Unlisted detailed nail shades and polish names were yet to be finalized, but suggested they were aiming for a fall launch. The creative agency also mentioned fans could expect a bold color palette, which is representative of MGK’s unique and vivid style.

Machine Gun Kelly is set to enter the beauty space with his own unisex line of nail polish, called UN/DN, in partnership with Unlisted Brand Lab. “We’re honored to be working with MGK on this rare opportunity to build a brand that will progress a category to embody a cultural shift that has been a long time coming,” Unlisted founder and C

MGK Drops His First Single Of 2021

In March 2021, MGK went seriously hardcore for his “Daywalker!” track. The song featured YouTube personality Corpse Husband, whose stage name is CORPSE, and a whole lot of head-banging beats. Machine Gun Kelly said via Twitter a music video was on the way as well.

“music video tomorrow”

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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