Ohio rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Stalley won’t let this year’s NBA Finals ruin their moods too much. The Midwest hip-hop artists have weighed-in on seeing their Cleveland Cavaliers fall short of winning back-to-back championships.

Both MGK and Stalley relied on social media to speak their state of mind following last night’s series-ending Game 5 turnout.

A few hours ago, sports fanatic/rapper Pete Rock playfully trolled the Cavs’ LeBron James.

After Game 5, West Coast rapper Game credited Warriors’ Kevin Durant for ultimately helping the Warriors win the NBA Finals.

“You know, anything that makes me $50,000 richer is cool with me, bro. I bet on today’s game. I been with the homies. One of the homies back there’s sick, he can’t even get home – Kevin Durant being on Golden State was the x-factor – the best player in the world is Michael Jordan. After that is Kobe [Bryant]. After that, and in order of appearance. … You’re about to say LeBron’s better than Michael Jordan? Kobe and Mike never lost in the Finals.” (TMZ Sports)

After a hard-fought Game 5, the Warriors made history winning Game 5 129-120.