[With a packed house for his new “Stopped Making Excuses” The FADER documentary last week in New York City, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller discussed his film and revealed where he stands in the race for the presidency.]

How do I feel about Bernie Sanders? He seems cool. I don’t know, I’ve actually been trying to keep track of this election.

But this is the thing, I was f*cking watching the Democratic debate and it was Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, that guy. Shout-out, M-O-M. So I’m watching and trying to be a good American and hearing the issues and the f*cking preview for that movie, Money Monster, came on.

That sh*t is f*cking nuts.

I was like, “F*ck this president sh*t, I need to see this movie.”

Before I vote, I want to have – or even before I say who I’m endorsing, because for some stupid f*cking reason any kid lets me [influence them], I just want people to know I’m not for Donald Trump. That’s all.