Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has officially left his hometown for better weather and the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles and recently explained the big decision.

Despite the change in time zones, Miller noted how inspired he is creatively in the West Coast.

“Everyone’s friends,” he says. “The reality is, in meeting Odd Future and all the TDE fools—everyone I met out is here is a lot of very creative people. It’s been cool just to have peers to kick it with and create. I always forget that I just dropped Faces, a 24-track mixtape. I love it because it captures the essence of what went on in the Sanctuary [his LA home studio].” (The FADER)

Check out what other East Coast rap stars made the move to California right here…

Earlier this year, New York native Nas said he had called Los Angeles home for almost twenty years.

“L.A.? I’m always here.,” Nas said when asked about hanging out in Los Angeles. “For the past 15 years. A place I like to stop through. … My daughter moved here with her mom when she was like four-and-a-half, something like that. So I was out here, and I love it. I’m like, “Wow. They was onto something coming here.” I was coming so much, I just had to get a place here, too. Yeah, yeah. I’m like — a sun-chaser I call myself. So anywhere where the weather’s like, you know what I mean? I’m there. And there’s nothing like California. There’s nothing like it. I think you’ll dig it, man. Come out here.” (NPR)

Back in 2010, Nas credited NBA free agent Ron Artest for turning him into a Los Angeles Lakers fan.

“When I tell you man, the amount of love for Ron Artest, how insane it is from my ‘hood, from Queensbridge, it is a beautiful thing,” Nas said in an interview. “We all root for Ron. We’re all supporting Ron. I wasn’t with the Lakers before [they signed Ron]. I’m with the Lakers now for that. I love him. He plays a great part in the team. We are rooting for Ron all day long.” (MTV)

Fellow New York native Diddy previously made headlines for going Cali mansion-shopping.

Bev Hills real estate sources tell us, Diddy is eying a $12 million 11,200 sq. ft. home in the city’s gated Beverly Ridge area. But we’re told he won’t make an offer if he and his friends can’t cut loose. So, Diddy, if you buy the house anyone you invite in must first be cleared by gate security. If you’re throwing a big party you need a valet service and security. (TMZ)