Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are done romancing. The duo have reportedly split up after a solid two-year run together.

Despite going their separate ways, reports claim Mac and Ariana are still clocking in friendship goals.

We’re told Ariana and Mac quietly cut off their romantic relationship after their work schedules became too busy, but they’ve remained best friends since then … as always. Our sources say the ex-couple love each other dearly and that will continue to be the case but, again … just as close friends. (TMZ)

Last year, Ariana talked about just how long she loved Miller.

“I met him when I was 19. We have loved and adored and respected each other since the beginning, since before we even met, just because we were fans of each other’s talent. We weren’t ready at all, though, to be together. It’s just timing. We both needed to experience some things, but the love has been there the whole time.” (Cosmopolitan)

In late December 2016, Grande penned an emotional open message about being objectified while out on a date with Mac.



A few months prior, Miller talked about having love in his life with Grande.

“Just because we are two people who are in love and have a great relationship doesn’t mean that I’m gonna get weird about this incredible music that we also make together. All I’m saying is, ‘Yeah we’re together, cool.'” (“The Breakfast Club”)