[Despite the legal woes Brooklyn rap newcomer Bobby Shmurda is currently going through, hip-hop veteran group M.O.P. give SOHH their take on his viral explosion into the music biz.]

He does what he do. M.O.P. we got our own lane, and we stay in our own lane of how we make music and Bobby Shmurda got his own lane. He came up a little different than how we came up.

We were hands on and hand to hand with the fans. You have social media now and that’s just another way to get to the fans and that’s his lane. So that’s the only thing that’s different about it. -Lil Fame

It’s great. It’s not like he’s cheating. It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.

In this day and age, that’s the way it works now. It’s all viral. That’s what’s happening for him right now. That’s what’s happening to get people to listen to any artists, not just him.

If that’s the avenue that’s being used right now, that’s the avenue you take. -Billy Danze