[With another Summer Stage season here packed with free concerts featuring hip-hop legends like Scarface and The LOX in New York, "Lyricist Lounge” co-founder Danny Castro gives SOHH the inside on how involved he is with some of the major headliners.]

We basically come up with the creative ideas of the kinds of packages we want to present to Summer Stage. We have our meetings, have our ideas and submit several.

Whichever ones fit and whichever ones Summer Stage wants, those are the ones that we really go after. Sometimes people are not available due to scheduling or due to budget restraints, we can’t do what we would really love to do, but we always come up with really great ideas. That’s how it really comes about.

We come up with the ideas, we submit it and once they approve them, we go after the artists ourselves and book them.

At the moment, we’re just doing a lot of planning. 2016 is going to be a big year for us. We’re currently just mapping out the end of this year and sometimes opportunities do present themselves, spontaneously, but we like to plan ahead.

Starting next year, we’re going to have a tighter schedule with our events. So look out for that and we’re also going to be celebrating 25 years [o[of "Lyricist Lounge”]n September 2016 so be looking out to that as well.

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