[With an impressive record of putting together memorable events like Toca Tuesdays in New York City, “Lyricist Lounge” co-founder Danny Castro and Livestream Cultural Curator/Defiant Ent. co-founder Bianca Romero talk to SOHH about launching a new quarterly “Skillosophy” series in Brooklyn Friday, March 11.]

Livestream is super amped about this. The history with how they came to be in Bushwick is they had been in Manhattan, in the Google building, for the past seven years and last year everything just expanded to the point where they took over the old 3rd Ward Building in Bushwick.

It’s a pro studio art space and Livestream really wanted to embrace the Bushwick community but wasn’t quite sure how to. It kind of just worked together and they’re super amped for this event to be a kick-off to that.

Livestream has been around since 2007. It’s actually one of the first companies which started live streaming and to this date, they’re actually the number one live streaming company internationally.

So around the world, they stream over 5 million events every single day.

The experience will be live streamed through the Livestream headquarters account. So you will be able to see this whether you live in New York or you live in another country around the world and we’re going to share that link the day of the event. -Bianca

We definitely plan on having this continue on and expanding the whole movement with Skillosophy. The initial idea is to have this as a quarterly series and the next one we plan on setting up is for the month of June.

We don’t have a set date as of yet but we will have it very shortly. We want to do it quarterly and eventually branch out to other cities and countries with this movement.

We’re very excited about Livestream being a part of this. We definitely have great appreciation for them for supporting this idea and this beginning of a brand new movement.

They are just the ideal company to partner with because of their facilities, what they bring to the table, their platform is an incredible situation because they’re doing really, really great things with Livestream and with the company.

They’re very creative and they’re one of the first companies to stream any kind of events online. Just like we’re innovators, they’re innovators. -Danny


Stay tuned for more updates this week from Danny Castro and Livestream executive Bianca Romero on Friday’s Skillosophy showcase.

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