After Lupe Fiasco recently ended his dispute with Atlantic Records, SOHH reached out to his labelmate Diggy Simmons to see if the public feud caused him to feel uneasy about his own deal.

Speaking on Lupe’s resolved issues, Diggy said he never grew concerned or felt there would be any quarrels between himself and Atlantic.

“Nah, not at all because our situations are different; and obviously we know what happened, that’s stuff I can’t release, but I knew that our situations were completely different, especially with his album and with mine,” Diggy told SOHH when asked if he worried about falling out with Atlantic. “So I had no concerns at all because they already told me how excited they were and what they were gonna do and not saying they weren’t excited for Lu at all, Lu’s been down for a long time. He’s done two albums at Atlantic so I’m definitely so happy for my big brother that Lasers is gonna come out because I’m a fan myself. If I wasn’t [an artist], I might have been at Fiasco Friday with everybody else. I’m a big fan and I’m gonna buy Lasers when it comes out and support my big brother.” (SOHH)

Diggy also talked about not rushing to collaborate with Atlantic’s heavy rap star roster.

“I’m pretty cool with Wiz [Khalifa] and me and B.o.B. have met and we’re pretty cool on the Twitter thing and T.I. tried to reach out to me before to try and open up for him in Atlanta,” Diggy told SOHH about his relationship with other Atlantic artists. “And I’m cool with Wynter Gordon, that’s a pop singer on Atlantic. She has a really big single out and she was also on my mixtape, Airborne. Those big names like that, I don’t even think it’s necessary to call them out yet or if I do at all, it’ll be easy for that to happen. Right now, I’m not looking for any big features, especially me coming out trying to put my own name.” (SOHH)

After months of back-and-forth feuding, Atlantic announced a release date for Lupe’s Lasers in October.

In his lone tweet yesterday, Lupe simply stated “Victory!” to go along with a picture of him (sporting a thumps up), and unidentified woman, and an Atlantic Records sign. Atlantic Records later tweeted that Lasers will be released on March 8, 2011. (The Source)

Following the achievement, Lupe Fiasco attended a fan-initiated “Fiasco Friday” rally outside of Atlantic Records’ New York City building a few week ago.

“So, y’all actually did it, huh?” he said to the audience. “The first thing I want to say is: Congratulations. The second thing I want to say is: Thank you very much for putting on a very peaceful protest. The third thing I want to say is: Lasers is dropping March 8th!” Each remark from the MC drew a loud reaction. The event was initially organized by two New Jersey natives, Matt Morrelli, 19, and Matt La Corte, 17, as a way to help Lupe Fiasco score a release date for his long-delayed third album. The rapper had been at odds with his label over creative differences, among other issues. (MTV)

Check out Diggy Simmons & Lupe Fiasco’s “Oh Yeah!” below: