Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco has some strong words for Prodigy. The hip-hop veteran has paid major homage to the late Mobb Deep co-founder with a detailed eulogy.

Last night, Fiasco jumped on Instagram to speak on how much of an impact P had on his life.

Tuesday (June 20) night, OVO Sound boss Drake shared some throwback pics of himself and Prodigy.

A few hours ago, music mogul Diddy reflected on his close-knit bond with Prodigy.

“I want to give a rest in peace to my brother Prodigy. A lot of y’all may not know this but after school when they were coming up, before they was Mobb Deep, they used to come to my office after school in uptown and I just took a love and liking to them, you know? I just wanted to make sure they were protected because I was one of the first cats in the industry that really had an office for young cats to come and get that vibe. Prodigy was probably one of the nicest cats that I’ve known and had the chance to meet. Extremely talented. That’s my personal Prodigy story. Rest in peace, we love you, we’ll miss you and we’ll keep rocking for you. Peace to Prodigy.”

A message for prodigy #RipProdigy

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Diddy also shared a hilarious story about how strapped Mobb Deep were when they rolled into his office.

“Whenever they came to my office, Mobb Deep, they always had guns with them. [laughs] What you heard is what you got. They were some bad a** kids and they made some tough a** music that will always, is hip-hop supreme. Hip-hop. You wanna listen to some hip-hop? You listen to Mobb Deep. Prodigy? I miss you, man. For real, but when you were bringing all those guns to my office and things like that, you’d be scaring the f*ck out of me and at the same time I was like, ‘These are my little young’uns, man.’ And man, man, thank-you for those times Prodigy.”


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