Rap veteran Lupe Fiasco isn’t here for racism against Chinese people amidst the coronavirus pandemic. He took to Instagram to put certain cultural practices into perspective, specifically African nations who practice voodoo.

Big Facts

Fiasco put up a since-deleted slideshow of pictures from a marketplace and posed some questions about pointing fingers.

“Hey you. Before you get RACIST and start picking on the probably minority of Chinese folks who may eat or do some wild shit, REMEMBER that’s SOME of your own people may be doing some questionable things as well. These are pictures of the Voodoo Markets in Africa. Where they source all kinds of wild wild things for religious and spiritual purposes (also some real petty stuff too! 🤣). Does disease come from this? I don’t know. Did disease come from Chipotle? Yup. Vegans – could we not eat Ceasar Salads a few months because the supply of romaine was laced with dookie? Mmhmm We could ALL do a little bit better before we jump on the blame train. Oh and Take Yo Punk Ass In The House.”


High-Key Details

Many of his followers shot back at him and responded negatively.

Wait, There’s More

Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz made several xenophobic comments about avoiding Chinese people earlier in March 2020.

Before You Go

He doubled down on his comments with a meme on Instagram featuring Hall of Fame basketball player and China native Yao Ming.

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