[With the focus and attention centering on Baltimore, Maryland following the controversial death of Freddie Gray, Chicago rapper Gemstones talks to SOHH about experiencing police brutality on a daily basis.]

In Chicago, we witness police brutality everyday. I’m just going to give you one situation involving myself.

I was walking down the street and the detectives ride by. We pass each other in traffic. I look to the left, it was a white detective and he looked like a marine, you know how the marines look big.

I’ll never forget, the dude put his arm out the window and he made his hand like a gun. He had his right hand on the steering wheel and he put his hand out the window, extended his arm to me, and created a gun pointing at me and started clicking his fingers.

He looked at me and started shooting at me with an imaginary gun as I was walking past.

That scared the living h-e-double-hockey sticks out of me. It was nighttime.

Why did he do that? What did I do to deserve that? I was just walking by and he put his hand out and started shooting at me. So that’s one thing.

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