Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has promised upcoming Disturbin’ Tha Peace releases from Lil Scrappy, Playaz Circle and more.

Luda said he is also looking for new talent.

“To me, marking 10 years in the game, it feels like we’re starting all over again,” he said in an interview. “I’m just as hungry as the first day. We got Lil Scrappy about to drop something soon, we got Playaz Circle, of course, we got Lil Fate, I-20, and we’re working on a lot of new artists that we’re gonna unleash on the industry very soon. So we got some things in the works. Look for some stuff.” (MTV)

Southern rapper Chamillionarie recently talked to SOHH about his reaction to the success of Ludacris’ Battle of the Sexes album sales.

“What’s more impressive to me is the fact of his longevity man, his whole career,” Cham explained. “Ludacris man, he’s underestimated. A lot of people don’t really look at his history and see how much he’s done for like, what is this, like his 10th album or something like that? He’s been out for a long time and has managed to always stay pretty relevant…So it’s only right that he comes out number one. It’s not even a surprise to me, man, because nowadays there’s a lot of artists that’s fly by night.” (SOHH)

Playaz Circle spoke with SOHH last year about their absence from the rap spotlight.

“The two year gap wasn’t really a gap, we did our thing basically with the underground mixtapes, networking with deejays in other areas and regions, we were getting our Internet buzz up,” Tity Boi explained. “It was like we were working, building a house with bricks. Building from the ground up with the foundation…Our promotion skills [got better] and people are f*cking with us because we f*cked with them with us just being ourselves and keeping it real.” (SOHH)

Scrappy previously discussed his past problems with Warner Music Group and why he eventually inked a deal with Luda.

“Before I even made the move I had just talked to [Warner Music Group CEO] Tom Whalley and told him I need to get off,” Scrappy said in an interview. “Because basically, Warner Bros is a rock and roll label. So they didn’t really understand what to do with me as of then. Even though I showed them two or three times, this is me Scrappy, this is how I move, young gangsta from Atlanta, I do what I do, try to stay outta trouble but you know how sh*t go. But he believed in me enough, he didn’t want to hurt my career, so he let me go, after that I went through a couple of label situations, it wasn’t looking too good. I always had this stop-and-go relationship with Chaka and Luda — That was the best contract I ever signed. Just being a rapper or whatever, that’s the best contract I ever signed.” (Rolling Out TV)

Check out Lil Scrappy speaking with SOHH down below: