Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has way, way, way too much free time on his hands. The hip-hop star went online this week to share some pure comedy to his millions of fans.

Big Facts

On Wednesday, Luda jumped onto his Instagram page with pure comedy. The Atlanta native joked about his pool employee making money during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Think you’re so much better than everybody, huh? Just because your business is booming and everybody else is out of work? Huh? Look at you with your gloves and your mask on. … He out here getting Rich while the rest of us On Pause Mode. You see how he ignoring me too. 🤬 He lucky I have to stay more than 6 feet away from him 😂 follow me on Tik Tok @ludacrisdtp”

High-Key Details

Earlier in the week, Luda spoke big facts about anyone not staying in communication. The rap veteran released a hilarious clip about finding out who their true friends are during the coronavirus crisis.

“Now listen, as we’re all going through this and we are all going through this together, I’m praying that everybody is safe. Praying that everybody is staying at home. But you gotta look at the bright side of things. This is when you realize who your real friends are. If you texted or called one of your friends and they still haven’t called you back by now, then they’re full of sh*t. Either that or you’re full of sh*t and they haven’t told you yet because people will come up with excuses all day.”

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Free Corona Game 🥺

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Wait, There’s More

On Tuesday, rap veteran Slim Thug went online and announced he’s tested positive for coronavirus. Despite taking ample precautions, Thugger admitted he still couldn’t avoid catching COVID-19.

“So check this out. No games being played, alright. The other day I tested for coronavirus and it came back positive. As careful as I’ve been quarantined and staying home, I might have went have gotten something to eat or something like that, nothing crazy, stayed in my truck, had masks, gloves, everything on, and my test came back positive. Y’all gotta take this stuff seriously, stay home, self-quarantine. Do not come outside for however long they’re saying. If you have symptoms you need to get checked out or whatever. I’m good, I feel good, I don’t have any problems right now. The other day I had a slight fever and a cough. I feel better now, I don’t have no fever or anything like that. I feel good, but you better take it seriously, for real, it’s coronavirus.”

Before You Go

Coincidentally, Thugger has publicized the precautions he’s taken to avoid getting infected. This week he shared his intent to stay indoors and keep his immediate surroundings sanitized.