Q-Tip, Ludacris and Jim Jones

In honor of Halloween, SOHH asked Ludacris, Q-Tip, The Knux and Jim Jones to recall their best costumes and neighborhood customs.

Al Millio one half of the rising “garage-hop” duo The Knux told SOHH that that his most memorable Halloween was when he dressed up as Frankenstein at age nine.

“My momma dressed me up like Frankenstein,” he said. “I was a kid with a f*cking sports blazer on, black turtle neck with some big black boots and some f*cking black jeans and a Frankenstein mask and I had gotten my hair cut to a flat top.”

For Q-Tip, the years after he outgrew traditional costumes proved to be more exciting.  “As I got into 10 and 11 it would just be jeans, a shirt and a mask and a jacket and a bag of eggs and rocks,” the Queens emcee revealed.  “You’d just be egging people, throwing rocks, terrorizing everybody.  Those are my fond memories of Halloween.”

“Listen to the Geto Boys song,” Luda added. “It’ll definitely tell you what Halloween was like for me growing up.  In the Geto Boys 1991 single, “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” Bushwick Bill famously rhymed about robbing little kids of their candy bags.

Dipset Capo Jim Jones can definitely relate. His memories of Halloween hijinks in Harlem involved stealing cartons of eggs to toss at cars, buses and pedestrians.  Jones and his crew even helped themselves to some free fast food.

“We was wilding back in the days, running through in packs of 20 and 30 and bum rushing McDonalds and taking all they cheeseburgers.”

“Halloween was like the day when the youngins in the hood just go straight loose,” Jones continued.  “If you didn’t have a parking lot for your car, your car got [tore] up that night.  We was making the socks putting powder in the socks with the eggs in the socks.  Some people started putting rocks in the socks.  Oh man, we was going crazy.  And that’s what we had considered fun.  Go figure.”

Though he may have participated in Halloween fun in the past, a more mature Luda was quick to offer a word of caution to today’s trick or treaters. 

“At the end of the day you have to be careful out there,” he said.  “There’s a lot of craziness that goes on Halloween so if you’re a little kid make sure you have an escort.  Don’t go out there by yourself.”

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