Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has stepped up to explain what exactly went down in his hometown last month when a fight broke out during a club performance.

Luda denied the altercation had anything to do with debts he owed and said it only came about because someone attacked his friend.

“Let me tell everybody something right now,” Luda said in an interview. “First of all, there were no bottles thrown whatsoever. None. … The honesty of the situation is that I saw my homeboy get mushed and I reacted so fast. Everbody’s like, ‘Where’s Luda’s security? Isn’t security supposed to handle that?’ I reacted so fast that they basically had to pull me off the dude. I didn’t get touched. If somebody jumps on your man, what are you supposed to do? We was live. I’m talking about an hour later, after we left the crew, it was on the Internet.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

The messy altercation took place around mid-June in Atlanta.

Ludacris was involved in a fight last night at Atlanta’s new night spot Privé where he was partying with girlfriend Eudoxie and other friends. Luda was apparently enjoying the night when a man attacked him with a bottle from no where. He acknowledged and joked about the incident later on Twitter as it definitely appears like neither of them suffered any serious injuries. (HHNM)

Luda even hopped onto his Twitter page to address the post-fight speculation with funny tweets and a few videos.

“My Bentley Got hit in the head w/ a Bottle Last Night! #Helluvanight,” he tweeted June 15th.

“Eudoxie gets hit in the head w/ a bottle last night at the club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous”

“Some random Booty got hit w/ a bottle last night at the club!! #Helluvanight #nowthatsludicrous”

“Shouts to iceboxjewelry. I had ALL my jewelry pre-fight & post-fight. Lol #helluvanight” (Ludacris’ Twitter)

The rapper also released a few photos of his entire head to prove he did not sustain any serious injuries.

“This is what a bottle to the head looks like. #sofreshandsoclean #helluvanight #onlybottlespoppedwasconjure #nowthatsludicrous,” Luda posted onto Instagram June 15th. (Ludacris’ Instagram)

Check out Ludacris’ interview: