NFL superstar Victor Cruz continues to be the talk of the town following his New York Giants’ victor at this year’s Super Bowl XLVI earlier this month, as “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena tells SOHH the wide receiver and salsero has even caught her eye.

Asked about Cruz’ distinctive je ne sais quoi, Mena said no woman can deny a man who knows how to bust a move.

“Oh my God, yes! It’s salsa time, baby!,” Mena told SOHH when asked if she was familiar with the NFL star. “I’m a fan. You cannot deny a man who can dance and who’s not afraid to dance. I know for me, that’s just sexy as sh*t. [laughs] And then a man who can make touch downs and then [dance on the field]? Yeah, that’s sexy, I’m sorry. Plus, men in tight pants? Ohhhhh. He has everything working for him. The tight pants, dancing on the field, the touch downs, he is the total package. That’s what it is. He’s a New York Giant so what more can you say? He’s the perfect player. [laughs] He is the man right now.” (SOHH)

Last week, Cruz was spotted sharing sharing a dance with R&B singer Ashanti.

Let’s just start this post with a disclaimer. Victor Cruz is fine..But he’s also taken and his girl just had a newborn a few weeks ago. So he’s definitely off-limits. The NY Giants cutie and salsa dancing lover hit up Kiss & Fly event last night in New York and was spotted showing some love to Ashanti, who was hosting the event. The two got it in on the dance floor with some salsa and just seemed to be having an all around good time. Victor was not only celebrating his Superbowl win but he’s also just signed a contract with IMG. They will manage his career when it comes to endorsements, licensing, speaking engagements literary deals and fashion opportunities. (Necole Bitchie)

Prior to their victorious outcome, Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz said Cruz would be the key to his team winning Super Bowl XLVI.

“The Giants embody New York,” Ortiz tells “They are the way New York runs. It’s hard nose, it may not be pretty, but the job gets done. And Victor Cruz is the perfect example that you ain’t gotta go to this big [college] to get noticed. You just have to work hard. He worked hard, he outworked people and he impressed people and he’s one of, if not the best wide receiver on the Giants. Eli Manning, it doesn’t look pretty. It’s not finess, it’s not like his brother [Peyton], the crispness [in the passes], but the job gets done. That’s what New York dudes do: we get it done. Everybody knows when New York is in town. The Giants embody New York to me, man — Honestly, as a fan of football, not just because I’m from New York, I honestly think they have a great shot of winning the Super Bowl because of that wining attitude.” (XXL Mag)

G-Unit’s 50 Cent recently hyped up the New York Giants’ championship player.

“This boy victor cruz is the TRUTH. He said I don’t care were they throw the ball I’m catching it Lol GANGSTA,” January 27th. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Check out Victor Cruz salsa dancing below: