Maybach Music Group affiliate Louie V Gutta has taken direct aim at estranged pal Meek Mill on a new freestyle diss to Drake’s “0 to 100.” #BrotherlyHate

The unexpected diss track premiered online Saturday (June 14).

Two days ago, Meek Mill released his “0-100” remix, where he dropped a couple of lines about former Dreamchasers associate Louie V Gutta. Today, Gutta has fired back with a “0 to 100” freestyle of his own. Responding to Meek’s story about how his chain got snatched several months ago, Gutta points to the Slowbucks Hot 97 Summer Jam incident and the fact that Meek was on stage also when it happened. (Complex)

Gutta boasted about the new freestyle on his Twitter page.

“you know you done f*cked up right? Lol,” Gutta tweeted June 14.

“I don’t make shit up…I like to state #FACTS”

“grown man wit dis rap sh*t…This is not a place for children…it’s levels “

“and f*ck slowbucks too! tryna sue! (But I’m the rat tho?) Yea ok! y’all niggas is goofys!” (Louie V Gutta’s Twitter)

Meek initially fired shots at Louie with his own remix to “0 to 100.”

Meek Mill previewed his “0 To 100? freestyle a few days ago and made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t shy away from confrontation. In the opening bars, Meek aims some sharp rhymes at his former Dreamchasers artist Louie V Gutta: “Rap nigga got my chain snatched, and he ain’t even get the chain back/On the news with police, now he talkin’ on Twitter/I ain’t playin’ that.” Straight fire. (XXL Mag)

Tensions initially boiled when Gutta referenced someone getting their jewelry taken at radio station Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert.

“”what goes around comes around…karma,” Louie tweeted June 2. (Louie V Gutta’s Twitter)

Meek eventually responded to Gutta’s comment and shot back a warning.

“Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing! RT @LouieVGutta: what goes around comes around…karma,” Meek wrote June 2. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Upset by Meek’s remark, Gutta went on a mini-rant against the Philadelphia native.

“And u outta pocket tweetin me some sh*t when u can call me @MeekMill that’s nut sh*t! call me”

“and Idc how G a n*gga is…if a n*gga got the drop on you…and they strapped ain’t sh*t u can do! f*ck y’all want me to box a bullet?”

“You go to bat for slowbucks but not ya own artist! U a real like d*ck rider” (Louie V Gutta’s Twitter)

Meek appeared to end things by suggesting for Louie to reach out to him.

“I ain’t calling nothing n*gga! @LouieVGutta I ain’t never outta pocket n*gga! Ima b home tonight” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)


Check out the song: