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Audio giant ZVOX is here to make life easy for everyone caught up in non-stop Zoom meetings and calls. Today, ZVOX has launched its new AV50 noise-cancelling headphones.

Peep the full details below.

TIP: Upgrade your headphones immediately — ZVOX AV50 are noise-cancelling wireless headphones and come with free shipping for just $69.99.

To make them even more Zoom-friendly, the AV50s use a built-in microphone and advanced Bluetooth® technology so you can speak and listen “hands free with no wires.” And at less than half a pound, the AV50s weigh less than competing noise cancelling headphones, and use memory foam ear pads for an extremely comfortable fit during those long work-from-home meetings.

As Communications Manager for a major museum in Santa Fe, Mara Harris spends hours every day on phone calls and in Zoom meetings – all while isolating in the “dining table office” of her home. “After my iPhone, my most important home business tool is my ZVOX headphones” says Harris. “They allow me to focus because they filter out ambient noises and I can hear voices clearly and easily. They’re light and comfortable, so I keep them on between calls throughout the day, and I can multi-task because I can still participate in the meeting if I have to get something from another room. I wouldn’t do a Zoom meeting without them anymore.”

The ZVOX AV50s noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones sound wonderful — immersive, realistic, high-fidelity sound, including tight, accurate bass. But that’s just the beginning:

  • Advanced noise cancellation technology.  Peripheral household and outdoor noises from lawn mowers and leaf blowers are all reduced or eliminated. 
  • AccuVoice technology. The AV50s use ZVOX AccuVoice technology to give a boost to voices while they reduce unwanted noise. So you understand dialogue clearly, without having to turn up the volume. 
  • aptX Bluetooth. You can connect AV50s using the supplied cord, or connect to your phone, tablet or laptop computer using aptX Bluetooth technology. With an optional Bluetooth transmitting device, you can also connect to your TV.  
  • Light and comfortable. The AV50s are lighter than many noise cancelling headphones — less than half a pound. 
  • Hands free phone calls. The AV50s have a microphone in the right ear cup that allows you to make hands free phone calls with your cell phone. You hear the caller – but not the family around you.
  • Slim carrycase. It’s easy to store the AV50 headphones because they fold flat – the case is only 2.5″ thick.

The ZVOX AV50s are available in four colors– with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee from and

TIP: Get a free slim carry case and enjoy hands free phone calls — ZVOX AV50 are light and comfortable Bluetooth headphones and offer free shipping right now.

Purchase your pair right now just in time for Mother’s Day.