Music mogul Russell Simmons is feeling inspired af. The hip-hop icon has come forward with an open message about the state of hip-hop and why unity is needed more than ever.

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God is working through his poets and artists!! ❤️It is very evident to anyone watching that America and the rest of western civilization is declining when it comes to the important issues we are more separate today then any time that i can remember We as a collective are becoming more and more polarized …And this is reflected in our choices in leadership and our inability to hear each other on any subject We can clearly see a tremendous blind spot and lack of support for the principles of love equality and compassion taught by our many prophets To some watching the “collective has gone insane” My last post i mentioned my disappointment with the some of the black clergy, that there is a lack of leadership when it comes to social and political matters that effect our people Truth is Our leaders and inspiration are not coming from our political or religious communities anymore but instead from the cultural and art communities The same arts that we looked down on are constantly making us look up !!!!This hip hop generation is showing not only the black community but the entire American collective and the world what spiritual civilized compassionate and sacred leadership looks like ..Go back and listen to everything said by these beautiful poets and hear how God is using them and sharing our truth in their poetry Listen to the interviews by jay z meek mills and so many others ….and listen closely to the words of our lost soldier nipsy hustle And u will see🙏🏾 Hip hop ..I love you …you can change the world You are the generation we have been waiting for keep leading with your heart … you have everything you need to create anything you can imagine

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