The Nike Just Do It campaign is getting way more attention than most people could imagine. The sports apparel giant’s decision to give major spotlight to NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick has sparked massive celebrity co-signs.

Over the last 24 hours, everyone from hip-hop entertainers to sports stars have reacted to the major campaign move.

@nike power play! Team @kaepernick7 #Justdoit #mmg

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It might be hard. Just do it. Salute @kaepernick7

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POWERFUL @kaepernick7 ‼️💪🏽

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Well done ✅ @kaepernick7 ✊🏾

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You may not agree with @Nike getting @kaepernick7 for their “Just Do It” campaign, but you can’t front on this post from @cthagod. As I think of it, someone will find something negative to say. And YES, I do kick in. _____________________________________ #Repost @cthagod ・・・ Stop using Patriotism to disguise your prejudice for black and brown people. If you cared so much about veterans then how come you ignore them when they walk up to your car asking for a little change? Military Veterans should get free housing, they shouldn’t have to pay taxes, free healthcare, and they should get a check every month to pay their bills and put food on the table but since they don’t the least you can do is stop ignoring them when you see them homeless and downtrodden in the street. How patriotic are you really??

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