West Coast producer Mustard is more than just proud of his protégé’s historic Grammy night. The hitmaker went to Instagram Monday (February 11) to acknowledge Ella Mai‘s BEST R&B SONG win.

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Wow … after all these years of me working my hardest to get a Grammy I finally got one with my own artist my own team!! i must say I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way… this showed me that when people won’t listen to you and don’t see the value in you, you make them!! I spent years telling everyone I knew what I was doin and asking people to do full albums when they only wanted me to do singles for them because “what did I know about anything besides ratchet music?” … well guess what, I got a Grammy for producing a r&b song!! I’m more than a beat maker, I’m a PRODUCER there’s a big difference …. and to be honest beyond winning a Grammy last night I had a brief convo with Ella’s mom and she said “thank you for believing in my daughter, I know she’s in good hands” and that meant more than winning an actual Grammy!! Her first album, my little sister took her moms to the Grammys and we brought one home ! Shout to @mekoyohannes the work you put in day in day out doesn’t go unnoticed.. shout to @chaneldijon for sticking with me when I’m in the studio 24 hours working and not complaining … shout to the whole team and last but not least @ellamai I’m beyond proud of you, I’m glad they now recognize what I’ve been seeing, we did it kid they gotta put some respect on our shit ha ! @10summers

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