New York radio personality Mister Cee is in a world of pain right now. The hip-hop entertainer has penned an open letter about losing the person responsible for helping spark his professional career. Look below!

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Rest In Peace To A Long Time Friend Of My Family ANTHONY SMITH AKA DJ MR BIGG. I WOULD NOT HAVE BECOME MISTER CEE WITHOUT ANTHONY LETTING ME HAVE MY 1ST EXPERIENCES OF LEARNING ON TO DJ ON HIS TURNTABLES!!!! Anthony Lived Next Door To Me & My Family In Lafayette Gardens Projects(LG) In Bed Stuy Bklyn. Anthony & My Uncle Barry(R.I.P) Was Best Friends At The Time & Both Of Them Was DJ’s. My Uncle Barry’s DJ Name Was DJ Knight & Anthony Was A Part Of My Uncle’s DJ Crew Called “The Knights Of Hollywood” Where They Would DJ At Parties, Wedding Receptions Etc. I Started Becoming Interested In DJ’in By Watching My Uncle Barry & Anthony DJ. My Uncle Wouldn’t Let Me Play On His DJ Set So I Would Sneak On His Set When He Was Out Of The House & Try To Copy What I Would See My Uncle & Anthony Do On The Turntables. One Day My Uncle Caught Me Playing On His Set & Got Real Mad At Me & Told Me To Never Play On His Set Again. I Went Next Door To Anthony’s House & Asked Him If I Can Practice On His Set. Anthony Actually Had A Better DJ Set Up Than My Uncle. It Was The 1st Time That I Ever Laid Eyes On Technics Turntables. I Was 12 Years Old At The Time. Anthony Allowed Me To Come Over To His House & Practice DJ’in On His Set. Even If Anthony Had To Leave The House He Would Allow Me To Stay In His Room By Myself & Practice. I’m Tearing Up As I Type This Bcuz This Was The Most Important Time In My Young Life Bcuz I Found Something That I Loved To Do & Anthony Helped Me Achieve My Dream!!! I KNOW THAT I SAID THIS TO YOU MANY TIMES IN PHYSICAL FORM WHILE YOU WAS STILL HERE BUT THANK YOU ANTHONY FOR LETTING A 12 YEAR OLD KID FIND HIS DREAM & PASSION!!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE YOU & MY UNCLE BARRY WHEREVER I GO ON MY DJ JOURNEY!!! DJ KNIGHT & THE KNIGHTS OF HOLLYWOOD ARE REUNITED WIT THE FATHER!!! GODSPEED!!!

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