Look: Game’s Manager Wack 100 Shares Pic Of 2Pac W/ Shirtless Man: “Sooooo Tupac Was Bisexual”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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West Coast rapper Game‘s manager needs answers. Rap executive Wack 100 went to social media this week to question late rap icon Tupac Shakur’s sexual preference.

Wack hopped on Instagram Friday (January 18) night and called on Pac fans to defend his legacy with an alleged shot of the hip-hop artist with a shirtless man.


Written by Cyrus Langhorne


  1. This is wack of Wack 100. If he want or need answers. Why not just ask the other man in the photo, which apparently the other man is Digital Underground’s artist Money-B.

  2. Let’s see the skull and bones that comes out about you while your still alive. The grave can’t wait until you’re dead to hold your secrets it doesn’t want em. So, what is your point? It takes no creditibilty away from my man at all. So what, now what, take it down, before the spirit of death and discord comes like carbon monoxide in your sleep, NOWWW

  3. That doesn’t mean anything So they got their shirts off they’re just friends you don’t even know there could be 2 girls in the other Room This just doesn’t prove a thing and I don’t see him being bisexual I just can’t see it I refuse to believe it he was a very masculine man

  4. I don’t believe this bullsh**! If this were true, why not bring this out, when Tupac was alive to defend himself against this bogus rumor? You’ve stooped to an all time low, to TRY and discredit someone AFTER they’ve died! Trying to be relevant off someone else’should fame. Sad & inconceivable!!!

  5. Who cares! So what that all these rapper like to get pounded. That’s there business. They have to get reampied in the shadows cause they can’t be open about it cause of all the criticism they would receive from the bigots

  6. A yo yall know thats his homie Shock G from Digital Underground. Thats like his brother, this whole thang is wack. Some would do so much for attention…

  7. After all these year now you want to come out with this knowing that he cant defend his self you are a fake news like this I would like if wanted everyone to know while he was alive no dead nobody is going to believe that Tupac was bisexual come things people do for money all u did was made ur self look pretty damn stupid if that was me I would showed that off as soon as that happened not year later he died in 96 this 2019 damn you late as hell kick rock you gets no money for that!!!!

  8. Anything to be irrelevant so sad do u need to go fake manager something get a life so much more goin on in the world go help a young black man help get them out the gangs and off the streets teach them how to stand up and be a real man

  9. The saddest part about all of this is you tell people something, they don’t believe it. You show them something, they still don’t believe and mad you showed it to them. Smh

  10. Wack 100 sure is wack for having nothing better else to do with his time but to exploit a man that’s been dead for almost 23 years now. Only people with no life would do anything for money and attention smh

  11. He’s Games manager but Game has a tattoo of Pacs face on him. And why is he posting pictures like this in the first place? Straight clown

  12. You celebrities be trippen aint y’all grown women and men maybe You should act yo age and not yo shoe size I’m just saying like for real what is y’all problem you have to use other people to keep yourself relevant smh

  13. That’s Money B from Digital Underground (him and Shock G was featured on I Get Around) and I’m assuming this is a tour pic…..MF’s be reaching for bulls**t

  14. 1st….CLEARLY this pic is old as hell….meaning, stuff was a whole lot different back then. FRIENDS were FRIENDS….REAL friends…not just ppl hanging around each other for the “clout”. This goes to show that Pac and the guys that he was with were actually CLOSE because behind closed doors they still got each other…unlike this LAME arse senior citizen WACKO who’s only claim to fame is”knocking out” another lame arse poser (stitches)
    These LAMES these days dont know the meaning of “real”, ’cause it’s been so long since the world has seen “real”..what we have now, my friends, is a whole lotta gender confused blk guys who will do ANYTHING for a $. They no longer have pride. They no longer stand for ANYTHING, save the almighty $. Then we get weak arse irrelevant arse BOYS like WACKO, who deliberately try to tarnish or destroy the legacy of individuals who REALLY put in work and gave a damn about things other than “social media likes” and “fake gangster images”.

  15. Alot these will do and say anything to gain famous staus or try and get rich off of slandering my boi pac name rest in peace pac you still got haters out here but you know those busters can’t see you

  16. A A A homie maybe one day when you on the wrong side of the grass somebody will put a pic of you up when you cant defend youself and question your preference my boy was a real one from day one let him rest in peace GRACIAS!

  17. The dude that put this out is HELLA lame. Every body know thats Money B from Digital Underground, thats like his brotha. The homie put me on game. Please don’t believe everything you watch or read. Some hating Propaganda, for what? Fake newz…. R.I.P Brotha Pac. Much luv Pac, You are missed and at this time needed. They took you out for that reason alone.

  18. You bored. Tupac cant help it if was and still is great. Since when do people and Black in particular say such ugly things about someone that’s no more? Please, its enough that Blacks are going through a Global Race crises, do not humiliate us more, You are bored and looking for attention using the wrong persons name.We love Tupac and he is needed now more then ever . He was the only Rapper who truly cared about Black women so much so that he used swear language to warn us against the evils of life. You just bored

  19. That’s clearly Money B from Digital Underground and it clearly looks like before he shot Juice in 1990 because of his hightop so they’re clearly on tour in a hotel. Why wouldn’t they share a room together if they’re both just starting out? How can you be 50 years old and searching Google for IG clout lmao. Loser.

  20. Fake news… not real….if you look at his hand behind his head it’s literally impossible to be laying on his chest with his hand under his neck area. The area is also white like it was copy and pasted.

  21. This guy has the nerve to diss Pac like
    “The Game” wasn’t swinging off a pole in thongs with his hair all blonde and a ring in his tongue before he got signed?!?!
    🤣😂🤣with that act of disrespect? You’ve just reopened that fake can of worms for folks to remember that true FACT about your client “The Game”
    Ol weird prison mentality bum …💯

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