West Coast rapper Game wants people to know Nipsey Hussle‘s legacy will do much more than live on. The Los Angeles native has reflected on the lessons and messages Hussle dished out during his time here on Earth.

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Good morning king, hope you’re resting well. Just wanted to let you know that your energy has been flowing through the city like nothing anyone has seen before. You can feel it, hear it, see it & touch it… it’s real. The amount of people you’ve motivated…. the minds you’ve re-shaped… the shift you’ve caused is prodigious & I am proud to have gotten a chance to be a friend to you & exist in a space in life where I got to experience you and your profound will for change. I always tell people, I’m only one person & I cannot moves things alone, but that is now a disbanded opinion as I’ve witnessed the changes a man determined can make with the power of words, wisdom & deep-rooted love for all that exist around him. The conversations, the texts just to check in, the book recommendations, the constant pressure to better ones self by gaining knowledge you applied to every friendship you had & the hope you had for the very neighborhood in which you gave all of you to, will never go un-appreciated in this life nor the next. Everyone misses you & at the same time, everyone feels your presence. The magnitude of what you’ve created is still in its beginning stages & the reach is breath taking. Your blueprint will be studied, your footsteps will be followed & the foundation you laid will be built on & carried in the hearts minds & souls of the people you’ve impacted worldwide. The seed has been planted. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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