West Coast rapper Game wants people to start really loving themselves. The hip-hop veteran has returned to his daily Nipsey Hussle message grind to speak on the topic of self-value.

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What’s understood never needs to be explained. Be true to yourself & understand that everyone will not support your vision. Don’t let that deter you or combat your focus. Give the people who are not supportive of your cause the same love as the ones who are & continue on your mission. As long as your heart is pure you will have the extra strength needed to push through on days where it feels like the walls are closing in. No mission has been accomplished without there being bumps in the road…. we as humans sometimes get discouraged by those who have tried to do things in life the same exact way….. but there are some people who see others failure as a challenge & find a different approach to achieving that goal. There are two sides to every fence…. one where the lack of success is lingers and also weighs you down the longer you doubt your will to climb… & the other side where victory is attained. We want to focus on the next & not the now because now has already become the past. As humans we put too much energy into the thoughts & lives of others. What works for him might not work for you. What’s for her might not be for you. Let’s get control of our emotions, subdue daily temptation & stay locked in on our self elevation. That is the only way to succeed in all areas YOU. So today, believe in YOU. Focus on YOU. Be good to YOU. Look into the mirror, say…. “I fuck with YOU heavy” & tomorrow repeat. Life is what YOU make it so enjoy being YOU today. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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