West Coast rapper Game is done watching the violence surrounding his city. The hip-hop veteran has penned an open message about the importance of Blacks and Hispanics uniting instead of taking each other out.

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I woke up & am just now being made aware of the Black & Hispanic war going on in Long Beach & I have aversion for the entire situation. There has always been implanted division in Los Angeles between crips & bloods which growing up was normal. No one is really there to give youth the comprehension to make them understand that there is no root to the self hate we possess for one another. It’s been over 60 years for the Bloods & Crips & even longer for Blacks & Hispanics. In Compton, we have a few Hispanic gangs, which to them if you were Black period, it was a green light to kill you & vice versa. For me it was hard to grasp because I grew up in a foster home & I had brothers who were Hispanic so I always got a pass as they did because everyone knew we were family. Once I turned 18, I went my separate way & so did my (Mexican) brothers Calvin & Chris. Me being from “Cedar Block Piru” & them being from “Playboy Gangstas” never altered the LOVE we had in our hearts from one another. It wasn’t easy growing up together as we both had to defend each other from our respective races until they got the picture that we weren’t going to fold. Few years passed & I got signed to Aftermath & I was working on my 1st album & when I recorded my single “Westside Story” Calvin came to support me & him being there reminded me to start my song off with “Crip niggas, Blood niggas, Ese’s, Asians, Dominicans, Puerto Rican’s, Whiteboy’s, Jamaicans etc…. & that ended up having a tremendous impact on the unity not only in Los Angeles but worldwide. In life, most good things come to an end & as the years passed tension here rose again & Calvin “Spanky” (my brother pictured above) ended up getting murdered in this city after going thru everything we went thru growing up simply because we cannot outgrow this hate for one another implemented by the government so that we kill each other off making it easier for them to gentrify our neighborhoods & save them money they’d have to spend educating us & creating more jobs. If any Black or Hispanic kid or adult reads this, understand that the cycle needs to be broken & you are the key. There has always been #BlackAndBrownLove. #RIPCalvin ✊🏾🇲🇽

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