New York rapper Fabolous is taking Nipsey Hussle‘s death pretty hard. The hip-hop veteran went to Instagram last night to reflect on just how much he respected the slain rap artist.

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Met you almost 10 years ago @nipseyhussle… So much determination in your eyes & forward thinking in your language. Truthfully hadn’t met anyone from your walk of life & at your age who was talking that Level Up the way you were. So even from a distance i watched the moves you made & was proud of your accomplishments bcuz i knew they came from a place of hard work & what you envisioned to do. With that & the way you carried yourself came respect from everyone, cuz i don’t know anyone whose ever spoke bad on you. So to hear you were killed today at a establishment you worked so hard for, not only for yourself but for your community is wack af. This is bad for the Hip Hop culture but also for us as a people. Not only kill our own, but kill one who was tryna help our own. My condolences to your family, your kids, & @laurenlondon. #RIPNIP 💙 P.S. You came thru dolo to fuck wit me in NY 1 night at the studio & we just chopped it up & played some music.. & i always thought you was solid for that, but i regretted we didn’t record anything that night. I never brought it up to you bcuz i thought we had more time. 🙏🏾🕊

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