Music mogul Diddy, Chance The Rapper, Game and more high-profile celebs are soaking in today’s significance. Over the past few hours, various hip-hop artists have acknowledged Mother’s Day with heartfelt Instagram posts.

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Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of my 1st born. I give you extra praise on this day… 1st because you deserve it & 2nd because you gave birth to the single reason for everything I am. I remember when you told me you were pregnant… you were scared & had no idea of what we were going to do & how we were going to tell your mother…. a woman who took me in after I got shot & showed me the same love she showed her own son. I came up with the bright idea to walk to her room & just tell her.. then I got to the door & got scared lol.. so I hyped myself up with the old “okay, count to 3 & then just say it”. 1…… 2…. 3…. ma…. ok no, count to three again & just say it nigga, you scared ?? (talking to myself) lmaooo… 1… 2… 3.. n while standing on the side of the door peaking my head around the corner I said it… “Mom, Aleska pregnant”… she lifted her head up & said “What you say boy” looking for me, but I put my head back in line with my body so she couldn’t see me & said it again…… she heard me that time & I thought she was gonna get up & bomb to the jaw but instead she closed the door & didn’t speak to either of us for weeks. But we held it down, she got over it & now that baby is 15 years old…. so many memories, so much love instilled in him by you & I wouldn’t change anything about you. You are an amazing mother & today is your day…… Enjoy & don’t let anything steal your sunshine. Love the both of you dearly 🖤

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