West Coast rapper 40 Glocc is weighing in on the now-viral clip of Future‘s muscle getting sneak attacked overseas. The G-Unit affiliate went to social media this week to remind celebs to stay on their toes at all times.

40 went to Instagram Monday with an uncensored take on the situation.

The cringe footage has sparked a slew of hip-hop reactions.

Coincidentally, New York rapper A$AP Rocky is currently locked up in a Sweden jail following an alleged physical altercation with someone overseas.

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Earlier this month, Rocky landed in handcuffs following an alleged assault incident in Sweden.

American rapper A$AP Rocky has been arrested for suspected assault in Sweden along with three other people over an incident that occurred on Sunday, Swedish officials have confirmed to CBS News. A Swedish Prosecution Office spokesman said the artist was arrested for suspected “gross assault,” but would not provide any further details. (CBS News)

Prior to the arrest, Rocky shared footage on his Instagram page about what ultimately sparked the spat.