[With Fxck Yeah: Chaos To Consciousness now available, LMFAO’s 8ky gives SOHH his take on the growing streaming wars and explains why he believes it’s bigger than the digital giants.]

It’s a revolution. Really speaking about my album, “F*ck Yeah,” I really truly am starting a revolution of people. I had to look within myself and find the true, honest joy of my life.

“What brings me true honest joy?”

And the answer is me making music. The same way I feel while I’m making a song is the same way I want you to feel hearing it. That’s my goal. My goal is to make great music.

My new album has 30 songs and each song resonates. There’s no d*mn album filler. I don’t do that.

All these artists will make 150 to 200 songs to get 15 songs. I make 30 songs for 30 songs. All the songs you heard from me and Redfoo as LMFAO, that’s all the songs we made because we intended to be great.

So with all of the streaming and downloading, these are just different platforms to become aware of your art and aware of you as an artist. I think it’s a great thing but it’s always going to evolve.

Whoever has that next answer to take the industry to a further and higher place, I feel that’s coming soon.

So many people are fighting for streaming and downloading, there’s somebody who is going to come with the answer. Me and my team actually have a few ventures and ideas.

There is definitely an opportunity for someone to capitalize off the industry if they just come up with something that’s out of the box and that everyone can get behind and support the artist.

It’s getting harder and harder for these rappers to start like they used to because the money’s not there like it used to be. They’re not selling like they used to.

I look to it like an opportunity to create something better.

Fxck Yeah: Chaos To Consciousness is currently available through BitTorrent

The retail release arrived Friday, September 30 via iTunes.