G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks has reportedly shown interest in collaborating with rap newcomers J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock.

Banks also updated fans on the status of his upcoming “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” regional remixes.

Banks–who was also celebrating his 28th birthday last night–said he would love to work with three students in particular. “You got your J. Coles out there, you got Nipsey Hussle…Jay Rock. There’s so much new talent out there, I just wanna work and make classic music.” Speaking of collaborations, LB told XXL that he recently finished the remix to his hit song “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” and the song will feature a lot of unexpected guests. Although he refused to reveal the track’s lineup, he did say it will feature six different artists. (XXL Mag)

Last month, Jae Millz caught heat after calling out the 2010 XXL Magazine Freshmen.

“I don’t feel no sort of way about me not being in the Top 10 but can’t no n*gga tell me that my n*gga Vado ain’t supposed to be on that cover or on the flip cover of that XXL Top 10 Freshmen issue,” Millz said in an interview. “Can’t nobody tell me that, and if you do want to argue with me, you can argue with me about anything because I only know five n*ggas out of the ten n*ggas on that cover. And my ears [are] to the streets…I’m not even gonna say the name of the n*ggas I know, that’s gonna single n*ggas out or whatever, but n*ggas know whose supposed to be on that cover and n*ggas know who ain’t supposed to be on that f*cking cover.” (“True Stories Radio”)

This was then followed up with critical reactions from Pill, Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle and Wiz Khalifa.

“Man, [that’s] sucker sh*t at its finest, dawg” Wiz told radio personality Mr. Peter Parker. “Sucker sh*t at its finest. And the n*gga tried to like, clear it up like ‘Wiz Khalifa is people’s I do respect,’ you need to say the names dawg. Like, you need to say them names. You need to clear that up because n*ggas are upset about that. I’m not personally mad about it but it’s like, if you’re gonna do that, you gotta go all the way with it. And a couple n*ggas stepped up and said something, n*ggas who got following because I got like 90,000 followers on my Twitter and I spoke up on it because I’m not for the f*ck sh*t, dawg. N*ggas do this fly music and n*ggas have that fun sh*t but I’m not for the f*ck sh*t so if you gonna say some sh*t, and I’m not the type to be beefing, but you got to say something. You got to say them names dawg. And really figure out who you f*ck with and don’t f*ck with because you might start some problems.” (Parker Vision)

Young Money‘s Gudda Gudda eventually stuck up for Millz and said his remarks were completely opinionated.

“If you know Millz on a personal level, Millz, he’s just an outspoken person,” Gudda said. “It’s just the way he is. And I don’t think nothing is gonna change that so at the end of the day, I feel like he was just stating his opinion so it is what it is. He was just stating his opinion to me. That’s it, ain’t much more I can say about that. I mean, Millz is Millz, he’s outspoken and he is who he is. He’s gonna say what he wants to say.” (Vlad TV)

Check out Gudda Gudda vouching for Jae Millz below: