G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks is still on his grind and has reportedly announced plans to release a new Cold Corner 3 mixtape before the winter holiday.

According to reports, the “Punch Line King” will treat fans to some free music in the next few weeks.

We are regularly playing Lloyd Banks’ latest mixtape F.N.O. (Failure’s No Option), we only wish he shot some nice videos to push it further. But fans can look forward to more music from the G-Unit rapper coming soon. Last night while performing at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, Banko announced that he will release the third installment of the Cold Corner mixtape series in a “couple of weeks”, according to a few concertgoers. (HHNM)

Coincidentally, Banks announced plans to drop two projects including a Cold Corner 3 last November.

“to clear things up Gangsta Grillz up next!! followed by Cold Corner 3!!,” Banks tweeted Sudnay (November 18). (Lloyd Banks’ Twitter)

Prior to the clarification, Lloyd hinted at an addition to his popular Cold Corner mixtape series.

Lloyd Banks is currently touring all over the world but he’s ready to feed some new music to us. I still think he needs to promote his previous projects better, first. Shoot a few music videos for example. It almost feels like he hates coming in front of the camera because I can’t think of any other reason why he wouldn’t. Back to the topic. Banks hinted (“getting COLD! out..know what that means??”) on working on the Cold Corner series yesterday and producer Cardiak later confirmed (“Cardiak x @Lloydbanks …… What da f*ck u think is gonna happen!!!!??? #flatline #coldcorner3”) it on Twitter. Cold Corner 3 on the way. (HHNM)

Recently, G-Unit head 50 Cent said the same level of urgency was not existent between himself and the original group members.

“I hope that they can actually figure out, from that, like when we say they haven’t quite followed my blueprint, it’s disappointing that they’re not following. You feel what I’m saying? To be that close in the circle, it’s almost like, I’m going to be honest with you, it feels like there’s something missing from the actual character. Just people, in general, as people, I think there’s something missing. Something in my character that’s not in their character because I almost ‘have’ to do it. Financially I don’t have to, but I have to because it’s just within me. I gotta be a part of it, I gotta be working, I gotta have something going on, something that I’m doing. They’ve had opportunities to make the transitions that a lot of artists don’t because they can behind the scenes without everyone paying attention to them.” (Hot 97)

Check out Lloyd Banks’ performance: