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Lloyd Banks On Nicki Minaj Copying Lil Kim, “We All Know Where It Was Inspired From” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks recently weighed in on Lil Kim demanding homage from Nicki Minaj and said both emcess have their own styles.

Banks also believes Minaj’s ode to Kim has been in the form of taking similar photo shoots.

“Lil Kim’s spot is solidified, she’s a legend,” Banks said in an interview. “As far as the situation with Nicki, I think Nicki’s dope. I think both of them are dope to be honest with you. I see a lot of similarities in what Nicki’s been doing, earlier on…I think that’s paying homage, that’s like someone having a photo of something I’ve done, like an album cover or something. I’m not gonna look at it like, everybody knows what it is. It’s like when ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ came out, every artist got on it. But I’m not gonna [say] ‘Oh, n*ggas taking my style,’ we all know where it was inspired from. For them to even acknowledge what you’re doing, it’s paying homage and I haven’t seen anything like Nicki since Kim. So somebody to come into the game and have an influence like that and half the club, dressing like Nicki Minaj, she’s driving her own lane and where influences come from is another thing. But I feel like she has her own style — I tip my hat off to both of them.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this year, Banks said he was more impressed with Minaj’s buzz than Trina and Kim.

“[Laughs] Sheesh. I would go with Nicki right now,” he said in an interview. “Yeah, I like her as an artist. We came up in the same era, we were around the same age so I’m pretty sure one of her influences was probably Lil Kim and nothing is really reminding of the impact Kim had, since Nicki came. To have a concert and have a hundred Nickies in the front row… not too many new artists come and have a following like that. So you definitely have to acknowledge that.” (VIBE)

Minaj recently made Billboard history by beating out a record previously held by Lil Kim.

‘Your Love’ is the first single by a female rap artist to top the Rap Songs chart in seven years, with Lil’ Kim’s ‘Magic Stick’ featuring 50 Cent serving as the last track to hold the same position back in June 2003 for five consecutive weeks. And while Kim had some male assistance, Missy Elliott is the last female artist to have a solo track top the chart with ‘Work It’ in November ’02. (The Boom Box)

Kim believes Minaj has taken subliminal shots at her in the past.

“For the last year, she’s been subliminally taking shots at me, subliminally taking shots at the other girls in the industry and I mean come on, we read that interview where she said ‘Oh, being that the other rap chicks in the game ain’t got sh*t to do right now, when I’m by the pool, they can feed me grapes,’ I remember that sh*t,” Kim said in an interview. “I keep my ears to the street at all times. Just because I do my Hollywood thing and my Malibu Barbie thing don’t mean my ears ain’t to the streets at all times.” (This Is 50)

Check out Lloyd Banks speaking on Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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