[With New York rapper Bobby Shmurda recently talking about his status behind bars, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks talks to SOHH about the up-and-comer’s legal woes.]

It’s unfortunate. We’ve been through similar things like that. G-Unit, myself, [Tony] Yayo and 50 [Cent] we got locked up, I believe in 2001.

We got locked up in the city, you know gun charges and stuff like that a few times. So I think whenever you’re coming into the game and to be honest I think that special unit, like the hip hop cops came around that area that we came in.

It was bad, to the point where you couldn’t even go to certain nightclubs. They were just being overly cautious.

I think that them coming in with that raw energy, you got to be on the same radar regardless. You are young, black and not supposed to be here. I was fortunate enough to get out of it, I didn’t sit too long any time I was locked up. But at the same time, it’s not nothing really to talk highly about. I just hope that they can get through that situation okay.