G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks has been admonished for his for his actions during his New York performance over the weekend, which resulted in two critical stabbings at the concert.

One of the victim’s relatives, Jarmar Norton, said Banks antagonized the concertgoers, which ultimately led to fights inside the venue.

Victim Webster Clayton‘s stepfather, Carl Fleming, questioned, “They got so much security in this place, how did they get a knife in there?” Clayton’s cousin, Jarmar Norton, said he was punched in the head before his cousin was stabbed. He said rapper Lloyd Banks was egging on the crowd, which Norton said caused five or six fights to break out on the dance floor. “Cursing, making fun of our town, just getting everybody riled up to the point where it’s chaos,” recalled Norton. (WIVB News)

Details on what all went down hit the Internet last Sunday (March 6).

Buffalo police are investigating an apparent double stabbing that occurred at the Town Ballroom, located in the 600 block of Main Street. Police were called to the scene just after 2am Saturday morning. At this early juncture of the investigation, detectives believe two males in their early 20’s, were stabbed minutes apart in apparent separate incidents. Detectives believe the two incidents occurred at some type of party at the club. (WBEN News)

A concertgoer talked about what happened following Banks’ show.

Both incidents happened during a rap concert featuring Lloyd Banks. 2-On-Your-Side Reporter Patrick Moussignac talked to Stephanie Carr, a concert-goer from Buffalo who witnessed the fight begin on the dance floor. “From where I was standing it just looked like an normal, where people are getting into it. Might have been push and shove match and whatever, and somebody just started to fight.” (WGRZ News)

The name of the other wounded man has also since been revealed.

The victims were identified as 23-year-old Clayton Webster and 21-year-old Anthony Marshall, both of Buffalo. They remain hospitalized at Erie County Medical Center. Police say it appears the men were stabbed in separate incidents early Saturday morning at the Town Ballroom, where there was a concert featuring rapper Lloyd Banks. Police say Marshall was stabbed in the abdomen around 2:15 a.m. and Webster was stabbed 45 minutes later. Police did not comment on whether the incidents were connected or if the second was a retaliation. (WCAX News)

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